Revelation: Poppet Cycle Book 1 Release Day Jan 9, 2021!

This story has been rattling around in my computer for ten years. To see it finally ready to hit shelves and bedstands brings me SO MUCH JOY! It’s a YA dystopian that flips the zombie genre on it’s ear!

Here are some kind words my earlier reviewers have shared:

“In a disturbing, all too possible near-future USA, the dead are harvested and reprogrammed as slaves to the living, with debutante Ellie DesLoge heir to the corporation that made it all possible. That is until, like Moses, a boy comes preaching a different story. This stark, yet richly layered narrative, the first in Munro’s anticipated Poppet Cycle series, is a study of privilege, persecution, and the power of love. A chillingly perceptive dystopia cementing Munro as an author of note, Revelation is a novel worthy of its title.” — Lee Murray, three-time Bram Stoker Award nominee and author of Into the Ashes

In this compelling YA novel, Munro has crafted an immensely relatable hero in teen Ellie DesLoge. In Ellie’s struggle to understand her world and her place in it, we see ourselves and feel her pain as her core beliefs are challenged and she is forced to question the very nature of life and death. It’s an emotional roller-coaster ride to watch Ellie’s transformation as her near-perfect world is revealed to be an illusion hiding the darkest side of humanity. Revelation is YA literature at its finest. Compelling and at times heartbreaking, this novel hooked me on page one and never let go. Munro’s juxtaposition of average teenage life and the rotting core of a seemingly ideal society carries the emotional weight of a sledgehammer, a chilling near-future that is all too possible. –Rhonda Mason, author of the Empress Game Trilogy. 

Ellie is caught in the middle as heir to the company that created and sells Poppets, which are reanimated human slaves. Ellie has to make a choice between being heir to her family’s corporate fortune and exposing the corrupt practices that have given then great wealth. To make matters worse, if Ellie doesn’t fall in line with her family’s corporation, they will kill Thom, her beloved poppet who saved her life as a child. This is an inventive take on the zombie mythos that shows how corporate greed can be overcome with compassion. It isn’t very often that an author comes up with a truly original concept, but this book is definitely it. I would highly recommend Revelation Poppet Cycle as a compelling read. –Sally Bosco, author of Ceven’s Deadly Sins

Revelation: Poppet Cycle Book 1 is a beautiful and haunting dystopian epic. It explores a most unexpected angle—the subjugation of the undead—through the lens of one of the business’s heiresses. For me, Ellie’s journey into the ever-more-disturbing world of poppets brought out all kinds of emotions, and the farther it went, the more invested I found myself getting, both in Ellie and in those she befriended along the way. Munro’s story is that it is exactly the kind of world that could very well happen if we figured out how to do it, which makes it both unsettling but also vividly real. A near-future that is also rooted in history, Revelation stands tall among other YA dystopian novels I’ve read. I can’t wait to see where Ellie’s travels take her next.  –Josh Johnston, author of The Chronicles of Sarco series.

A genre-bending book set in a horrifying Brave New American future, yet at its heart a tale about reckoning with our national past. Donna J. W. Munro wraps all this in a love story and coming-of-age story made fascinating by her highly unique take on zombies–er–poppets!  –Jen Brooks, author of In a World Just Right

 I had a chance to read this before it’s release date for a potential blurb. This is what I sent to the author: “As heir to the poppet industry, Ellie’s world is perfect. She has the perfect beau, best friend, and life until she glimpses the rot underneath the gilded surface. This creepy dystopian tale contains a world that is both familiar and frightening, and where death is no longer an end.”

The world in this book really stands out – it’s a mix of old fashioned ideas like arranged marriages, balls, and proper etiquette with futuristic technology that creates Poppets, which are reanimated dead people that work as servants and laborers. Not to be confused with zombies as they are all chipped and programmed to obey and they don’t rot. The questions about the poppets – are they property or slaves? Do they have souls? – are ones the main character grabbles with throughout the book. This story also reminded me of Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Same creepy vibe, but completely different story. -Maria V. Snyder, New York Times bestselling author of the Sentinels of the Galaxy series.


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