A lovely review after SO MANY REJECTIONS!

Writers have to build up a pretty thick skin. I set a new goal this year, promising not to give away any of my writing for less than .03 a word (charity anthos aside). It’s a high hurdle and I knew I’d have to take some hits as I swim in a more choosy pond full of much bigger, well-known, more honed fish/writers than me. My acceptance rate when I was selling my stories for .01 a word was about ten submissions to one acceptance. 10% of my submissions were leading to a sale, which made me feel like a pro.

But at some point, you have to push yourself.

So I did. Now my acceptance rate is much lower. I don’t have the stats, but this year I’ve sent out over a hundred subs so far and have maybe three or four acceptances. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Doing the Obsidian Flash contest has made me recognize that there’s always another story and there’s always another market. My story “Floods and Melancholy” made the rounds, gathering up twelve rejections only to be accepted into the new Borderlands Antho, which is pro-pay and a DREAM market.

Still, it’s hard to maintain your positivity with so many near misses. Nice rejections, personal rejections–I know those are part of the growth of a writer.

Then along comes a review. This is an honest review. Not as glowing as some, but it made the hard work of this particular story seem more worth it. Check out the review at Mithila Review. Also, if you want the story itself, you can buy it at Amazon.

Back to writing! Join us at Obsidian Flash this Friday for a short fiction contest. 🙂

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