Capricon in Chicago

I just got back from what’s probably my favorite con. What an awesome group of people run and participate in Cap. The programming is excellent, including cutting edge topics on diversity in literature that reaches beyond a discussion of culture and color of skin. I really enjoyed the way that the locals support the speakers, how they get involved in discussions, and bring resources. My son, comic guru and resident general fan of epic proportion, sat on eight panels! Then we hosted our “For the Love of Comics” party and trivia night where we gave out about 25 comic posters and enjoyed conversation and laughs with hundreds of folks.

I find it interesting to be on these panels, because most of the folks there are in the sci fi end of things and I’m way more horror and dark fantasy. I don’t know if they think we will have things in common when it comes to reading and writing. But as we found in my prompt workshop, there’s a little bit of horror in almost every story.

The bang for your buck at Capricon is there. The people and the community are excellent. I’m beginning to think of all these folks as friends and Chicago as another writing home. Thanks guys. Special thanks to Deanna Sjolander (my writing sister), Blake Hausladen (epic writer and party thrower), Michelle the queen of comics, Han Solo, my Leia twin, and my dancing buddies. Most of all… my son. He’s so cool.

I recommend this one! I’ll be going back for sure.


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