WindyCon Report

My Son and I went to WindyCon for the first time this month. It’s a smaller con right outside of Chicago. What was really awesome about this con was that it had a theme, “dystopia,” and that them informed much of the programming, activites, and cosplay. As a fan con, I’d say this ranks up there, especially for its size. The organization and available information gets an A+. Organizers went out of their way to make themselves and info available. The con suite, run by Joel and his lovely lady, had real food at meal times for the regular guests and there was a special con suite for the people on programming (PERKS! Gotta love ’em). Joel, by the way, asked his lady to marry him at the con. Not a dry eye in the place.

Our party, “For the Love of Comics,” drew comic nerds of all ages. We had such a great time doing trivia with all of the expert comic people. We won a special, “Best New Party Award.” We will be back next year, my friends.

Finally, the things I think could be improved. With so many good writers there, I think there should have been a writing track. Programming specifically geared to help writers write and publish. There were readings and signings, but both were in iffy locations. Maybe a mic and some coffee in a corner of the con suite or signings in a corner of the dealer room. Just a thought.

So I didn’t sell many of my anthologies, but I did make some nice connections. It’s a friendly con, so worth the time. And it wasn’t too expensive with all of the con hospitality. Thanks WindyCon!




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