Archon Report

If Archon isn’t on your list of cons and you either want a strong writing track or really enjoy high quality, fan created events, you should add this to your schedule for next year. I will bullet point the awesomeness for you!

*Programming is incredible. The breadth of what’s available, especially the writing track, is amazing. The folks on program provide a welcome packet for pro guests includes suggestions on how to moderate panels, an invitation to a special pro guest suite where they feed you, and contact info. Very useful!

*Atchon is known for great parties, although I found them to be on decline. My goal is to have a “For the Love of Comics” party next year. Problem is, how do you get a hotel room! They book up so far in advance. I’m going to be booking sometimes soon for next year!

*The cosplay game is legit! I’m always impressed with how many interesting, different costumes there are. The depth and creativity stuns me. There are panels about costuming, a costume ball, and some larping in costume that encourages more and more participation.

*Though I think there is an effort to create friendships opportunities through gaming and parties, I would like to see the effort from Setsu Uzume and her panel on how to make friends expand into a track. My son, an incredible comic and sci-fi nerd, represents a whole silent group of fans who come to cons alone, then struggle to make connections in the already established friend groups and cliques. That this con even has made this effort is really impressive to me. If it became a track, folks who are looking for friendship in nerdom would have multiple opportunities to breakthrough their shyness or social anxieties–especially if the same folks show up for multiple things.

*The opportunity to talk with editors and other quality writers about local meet-ups and how they get things done in their careers made for a productive weekend.

Overall, I will be back because it’s awesome!


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